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Trends in Beauty that will make your Dentist Cringe

In the Philippines, oral health is a big deal. People with nice teeth are typically complimented for them so much that the market for dentures and dental healthcare is booming here—everyone wants to dawn a nice smile. The same cannot be said for some cultures though; if your dentist in Quezon City thinks that you should have braces to straighten you teeth, some people pay big money to go against straight teeth!

Japan’s Yaeba

Yaeba is a fashion fad that took over Japan in 2013 like taffy on teeth, and that analogy is closer to the truth you’d think. Japanese girls would have a noninvasive procedure done on their teeth where the fangs typically are—an enamel is glued over the teeth to make it appear like a crooked pair of fangs thus the term Yaeba or “double tooth”. The procedure typically costs P23K to do and, just in case the girls change their minds, it will cost the same amount to get them removed. It became a fad because it made girls look younger, almost pre-pubescent. Talk about age-defying!


London Gap

What started out as a trend of acceptance to a natural flaw that’s experienced by men and women alike. The London Gap was called thus because it was a response to Georgia May Jagger bringing quirky to the fashion floor, in advocacy of the idea that fashion is more diverse than how we homogenously see it in 2013. Weirdly enough, this trend found its way to Nigeria where people pay to get their teeth gapped. Try justifying that to your dentist in Quezon City!

Teeth Sharpening

For Erik “Lizardman” Sprague, sharpening his teeth was just a part of an undergraduate transformation project that eventually and quite literally shaped who he is today. The doctor of Philosophy from University Albany wanted to show how being human was not about just appearing to be human and that humanity is present regardless of the vessel.

In other cultures however, like in Congo and Indonesia, teeth sharpening is about pride and family. In Africa, teeth were sharpened to embody the qualities of animals like the shark and the crocodile. In Indonesia, Mantawaian women chisel their teeth because they believe that it is a celebration of beauty and balance of the spirit and body.


Teeth and Gum Piercing

Because, of course, the hardcore has to push the envelope of body modification and piercing the gums and teeth is a step forward into taking beauty to the next level. Ask your dentist in Quezon City about it. Watch him cringe. Proceed to celebrate beauty in different forms.

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